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We have 3 base packages to start from! Our pricing is like a dessert! Start with one of our 3 base packages then add on all your favorite toppings and flavors! or don't! How the dessert comes is also just a good! 


Mount Fuji

Need a videographer but also ballin on a budget? look no further! LOTS of people choose this package. We know weddings are expensive but you'll never get those memories back! Consider this package our budget friendly option!

  • 6 hours of coverage

  • 1 Videographer

  • Digital download

  • FOMO edit (The important moments put into a timeline chronologically and delivered to you)

  • 1 camera Ceremony coverage.

  • 1 audio device ceremony coverage


Mount Everest

This ones our most popular package! 2 more hours, extra cameras, multi audio & video ceremony coverage, pro color grading, plus the teaser and the highlight!

  • 8 hours of coverage

  • 2 Videographers

  • Digital download

  • Teaser Trailer

  • Highlight film (6-7 minutes)

  • 3 camera ceremony shoot

  • Multi Audio ceremony coverage

  • Pro color grading! (its what makes cinema cinema!)

MOS LOGO NEW (Black) 2-01.png

Mountain Of Stone 

The single most valuable thing about your wedding is your memories! With this package we got you covered on all fronts so you wont miss a thing! Our favorite thing to do is to go ALL OUT on your wedding! This package allows us to do just that!

  • 10 hours of coverage

  • 2 Videographers

  • Digital download

  • Teaser Trailer

  • Highlight film (10-12 minutes)

  • FOMO edit (ALL the footage we capture put into a timeline chronologically and delivered to you.)

  • Ceremony Cut

  • 3-4 Camera ceremony coverage

  • Multi Audio ceremony coverage

  • Pro color grading! (its what makes cinema cinema!)

à la carte

Want to add some flavor? Variety is the spice of life!

Wedding 08.PNG

the "FOMO" edit (our #1 item)

Wedding 10.PNG

6-7 Minute highlight (Most Popular)

10-12 Minute Wedding Film

15-20 Minute wedding Film

Wedding 12.PNG

Teaser Trailer (Most Popular)

The "Fear of Missing Out" Edit. Think of this edit like receiving almost all the unedited footage without getting all the shaky footage, unusable footage, duplicated shots, etc.. It's one of our most popular edits or add ons because It's all those moments you'll never get back! Even though the edit may be 2-4 hours in length it will come with a scene selection to help you find those moments your looking for! The film will not be colored graded, will not include background music, and the ceremony will be covered by what package you've started with. Either way... you get all the footage!

This Highlight is usually done within 8 weeks of your wedding. It's like watching a movie where your the star! We try to include any special details and capture the overall feeling of your wedding day. Some people may not always have video in their budget but photo and video are the most important parts of ANY wedding budget!! The only thing you get to keep (besides your spouse) is your memories! The Highlight is typically 6-7 minute in length.

The 10-12 Minute Film is what everyone wants. It allows for us to put more of what was captured into your film without cutting most of it out. Memories, emotions, details, guests -YOUR WEDDING STORY

Your wedding turned into a short film! We typically prioritize these edits because of the amount of work that goes into them! Speeches and Vows wont be shortened as much and the story of your wedding day will have more detail! Receive 10-15 more minutes of cinematic bliss!

This teaser is usually done within 1-2 weeks of your wedding. It's like getting a sneak peak for a movie where your the star! the trailer is typically 1 minute in length

Wedding 18_edited.png
Wedding 15.PNG

Ceremony Cut

Wedding 18_edited.png

Rehearsal Dinner

Wedding 24.PNG

Wedding day Interviews

Wedding 06.PNG

Love Story

Wedding 20.PNG

Footage Of First Dances

This video will be the entire Ceremony from start to finish! No overlay music or B-roll because its not needed! The Footage will be spliced together and color graded between all 3-4 of our cameras. Don't miss those intimate ceremony moments!

Coverage at your pre-wedding dinner. Often times, there are speeches, toasts, memories, and moments that happen before your wedding day that you want captured to remember forever. This ensures that those memories don't go un-captured. Coverage lasts 4 hours

While filming your wedding day we love interviewing parents, bridal party members, and anyone significant to your wedding day about the the two of you! We never know what we might capture but it makes for a beautiful moment where loved ones can share words of wisdom and you can hear your story from another's point of view!

Sit down with Joseph and tell your love story to the camera! Includes 1 interview session, and 1 couple session to capture B-Roll for the final film. Would be GREAT to play at the rehearsal dinner or even before the reception! OR 10 years down the road whenever you do a vow renewal to see how you both have changed! We absolutely LOVE this add on because it very literally tells your story and marks a moment in time along your journey of life together.

  • Bride and Groom first Dance

  • Father and Daughter First dance

  • Mother and Son First dance

  • Whatever dances you got!

Wedding 13.PNG

Additional Videographer

Wedding 03.PNG

Extra Hours

Depending on the size of your wedding and the scope of the project - you might feel you need an additional videographer or 2! If your unsure as to whether or not you should invest in an extra videographer please let us know and we will be able to help give you better insight!

Need more time? add as much as you'd like!

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